When I came to Donna, I came seeking freedom from a pervasive addiction to cigarettes. What I got was a map to freedom from a life of crushing depression and anxiety, a happier and healthier family, and a solid knowledge that all of that was always and will always be inside of me and will never elude me again. The work that we did in a few months was far more powerful than a decade of talk therapy, reaching immediately to the core of my troubles without the weekly emotional hangover that one can get from hashing over the past again and again, week in and week out. She pulled out the joyful, secure spirit I always knew was inside of me and taught me to sweep away the fears and psychological rubble that resulted from years of trauma. I cannot begin to express the level of gratitude I feel towards this woman and the incredible services she provides. She is absolutely priceless.

~ Sarah

Donna from Deep Awakenings really helped me with my stress eating.  She really gets you connected with yourself with the deep meditation and her caring expertise makes you feel comfortable and confident about the whole experience. I'm a believer for sure.

~ Ralph

 I've seen several hypnotherapist and none quite as amazing as Donna. She listens with warmth and understanding and designs the program specific to your needs. Donna's practice is about empowering you to heal, to move beyond whatever is holding you back and embrace the space of self assurance and well being. Seeking out Donna was one of the best decisions I've made for myself and I am eternally thankful for the modality of Hypnotherapy and all it has done for my life.

~ Jessica

Donna has a passion to help others find their power within to heal past hurts and to look at painful choices we've made in life.  She's been given a gift of insight that allows her to see what we sometimes can't.  She was created a safe place where you can open up and speak your truth without any judgement.  She helps you sort out the things that are holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest. With her guidance, I've found a beautiful, spiritual awakening to the power of inner healing.  Now that I'm able to understand my triggers and see I have choices regarding them, I am beginning the healing process.  I also now understand how vital setting boundaries with others is for me to grow.  Thank you Donna for honoring your calling to help others find more balance, faith, centeredness, calm, harmony, strength, joy and hope! I'm forever grateful.

~ Patty K.

Donna is excellent. She helped me recognize some core issues that were holding me back and guided me through making positive changes for myself. I highly recommend her.

~ Heather

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for my entire adult life.  Talk therapy and prescribed psychotropics drugs have been my method of treatment.  Sometimes a brief reprieve but they would always return. I heard about hypnotherapy from a friend. I had a consultation with Donna wherein she explained the process and gave me an overview of what her steps for me would include. From our first session she was able to synthesize and give order to the origin and resulting behavior of issues that were impeding my growth.  She not only helped abate the problems she gave me HOPE.

~ Jeanine

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